tegning af Kaare Wamberg
A brief history of the Danish Whippets 

2013-litter has arrived
Their parents are Fanny and Panda.
New Pictures of 2013 pups


"Luna" and "Monty"
the 2006 litter as pups
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WELCOME  to   FAIRWAY  Whippets   in Denmark
Contact: wambergbirgit@gmail.com
Telephone (Denmark): 4523969533
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"Panda" is Fairway Chill-Out Charming, male, born 2006
"Fanny" is Fairway Faintly Fabulous, female, born 2006
"Porcelaine" is Fairway Vaguely Wonderful, male, born 2006
"Luna" is Fairway Full Red Moon, female, born 2009 (on the date of the 40th anniversary of the landing on the moon)
"Monty" is Fairway Once In A Blue Moon, male, born 2009 (same)